Thanks for stopping by!  I hope to inspire you to think about what, why and how you eat.  I would love to motivate you to make changes which will benefit your health and well-being.  Join me on the journey to better health through nutrition, because you are what you eat!


I have always been passionate about food and its role as a building block in health and wellness, as well as the role of food in culture. Not only a firm believer in the idea that we are what we eat and that nutrition is our first line of defense against what ails us, but that food is rooted in tradition, used in celebration and brings us together.

Eating has been a journey in our household, feeding two growing children and a husband with undiagnosed food intolerances.  We have wandered through the fads of the last 20 years and have come out the other side, wiser and healthier!  This journey compelled me to learn more and complete certification in Sports Fitness and Nutrition, Living Foods,and ultimately Nutritional Consulting.

As a Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (NCP), Student Advisor at Alive Academy, Mom and passionate foodie, I believe that we should eat whole foods that are not only nutritious, but delicious and easy to prepare!  There are few places more inspirational to me than a Farmer's Market with its vivid colors and wide variety of fresh, locally grown fare. 

What is a Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (NCP)

A Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (NCP) is a registered member of the IONC, the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants. The IONC was established in 1983 to ensure the public that practitioners are meeting high educational standards.

Nutritional Consulting Practitioners are certified professionals trained to educate individuals and groups about the benefits of sound nutrition and healthy lifestyle in order to achieve optimum health.  It is this training that enables an NCP to assess each individual's nutritional needs based on food preference, sensitivities and genetic predisposition and design an eating plan specific to that person.