Macaroons - A Gorgeous Gluten-free Confection

Macaroons - a gluten free confection - Nourish With Karen

Macaroons are one of those delicate confections that you enjoy from bakeries and specialty stores.  Often they are gluten free which makes them a great treat for those with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. Light and airy they are not something you attempt to make at home every day!  Enter my darling daughter, home from University on Christmas break and looking for something challenging to bake.

While I was busy whipping up some other Christmas treats, she started searching the web for a macaroon recipe. Her macaroons were a great success on the first attempt and this is what she had to say about the experience:

"I chose to make the Christmas Eggnog Macaroons from Korena in the Kitchen because the recipe has fantastic instructions each step of the way and, having never before made macaroons, I was a little nervous!

I was pleased with the way my macaroons turned out.  They looked great, could have had nicer "feet", and a few were cracked on top, but all in all I was pleased.  While the macaroons tasted great, there are a couple of things I would change if I made them again.

I would have let them dry for a  full hour before baking them, to give them more of a skin on top. Also, I took them out of the oven at around 15 minutes, which wasn’t quite enough time for the slightly lower temperature I had set. While the tops of the macaroons were looking beautiful, the bottoms had barely begun to brown, and when I tried to lift them off of the pan, I ended up scrunching up some of the soft insides!

Another thing I would have done differently, would have been to add less butter to the frosting. The spice in the icing is great, but it does taste a little too buttery - this is coming from someone who loves butter!"

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