How Do You Think of Food?

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When you open the fridge door, what are you looking for?  I think it is fair to say that most of us think of food in terms of how delicious it tastes and smells, how it makes us feel, as a social event or for the memories it evokes.   We eat with our taste buds in mind.  Few of us think about what we eat in terms of fuel for our body or as the foundation of the cells of our body.  Food is first and foremost nourishment for our bodies. 

In the last 100 years food has become big business and large multi-billion dollar corporations are now competing for our food dollars and in turn governments are looking for their funding dollars. It is fair to say these corporations are not thinking of our health, they are thinking of their bottom lines.  They are concerned about producing food (and I use the term food loosely) faster, cheaper and more appetizing than their competitor.  The results of food becoming "Big Business" are catastrophic.  As consumers, when we eat processed foods, we are fed fillers, preservatives, sugar, salt, bad fats and few nutrients.

We are bombarded with advertisements showing us poor choices that look delicious, misinformation, and questionably edible science experiments on a minute to minute basis.  Last night even I wanted a burger from Wendy’s!

On top of that there are diet trends to try and stay on top of: Atkins, South Beach, Ornish, Mediterranean, Dash, Low-fat, and Paleo to name a few.  How are we supposed to know what to eat when there are so many fads out there?

Obesity rates are rising dramatically, as are the rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis.  It is time to look at what we are eating for some answers.  Proper nutrition supports a healthy body and helps to eliminate inflammation which is the root cause of disease.

As a Nutritionist, I am excited to assist clients in attaining optimal health through an individualized nutritional program whether it is to optimize nutrition in a busy schedule, for weight loss, sports nutrition, digestive wellness, ADD and ADHD support, nutrition throughout all stages of the life cycle from preconception and senior years.  I think that we can all tweak our diets to gain optimum health.  

So, when you are thinking about that next snack or meal ask yourself,  "Does this nourish my body"?  If it does, great!  If it doesn't, maybe you can make a better choice.