Spring is in the Air

Although winter hasn’t given up and shipped out, you can feel spring in the air.  The sun feels warm on your skin, the birds have started coming back, it is lighter longer and even the root vegetables in storage are starting to sprout.  The heavy mood of winter is lifting.

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In nature’s cycle, winter is a time of rest.  The land is quiet under a blanket of snow, the rivers are low and slower and many animals retreat.  It is that way for humans as well, we cocoon at home, we exercise less, are likely to sleep more and we eat heavier, more satisfying foods.  It is at this time of year that we are likely at our heaviest and lowest which is the way it is supposed to be.

I don’t know about you but in the last few weeks I have become restless and ready for change.  I have more energy.  I am growing tired of the foods that I have been eating through the winter:  soups, roasted foods, hot cereals.  They are all starting to lose their appeal. 

Spring is an important time in nature’s cycle.  It is a time for renewal, rebuilding, cleansing and reawakening.  Spring brings about a natural desire to change things up!  While it will be some time until we have fresh produce in our gardens here on the prairies, we are lucky to have beautiful, fresh produce in our grocery stores. 

Spring highlights garden greens, asparagus, radishes, strawberries and lighter proteins like eggs.  These are foods which detoxify our systems, help melt away the winter weight we may have accumulated and rebuild our systems.  Embrace the bounty that spring has to offer and you will be doing your mind and body a favour!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing some lighter recipes, and detox ideas.  Is there anything you would like me to explore?  Let me know.