Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 47th birthday.  Like every birthday for more years than I can count, my Dad called to recount the details of my first day.  It is very touching and although I have heard the story for the last 46 years, I love it.

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Hard to believe that I am 47.  I do not feel any older than when I was 25.  Seriously!  I eat well, do yoga, walk, garden a ton and work out occasionally (that I should do more of).  I am pretty sure I could keep up with my younger self on any given day and maybe even excel.  The Karen of 25, wasn't in particularly good shape or any shape at all and had different notions of what eating well was!

Today's dilemma isn't a difficult one, but difficult nonetheless.  What kind of cake should I ask for???  Flourless chocolate (found here) or coconut dream cake ( found here), whichever it is, it has to be homemade as it will be gluten-free and made with honey instead of sugar. 

As today is my actual birthday, I had better decide quickly which cake it will be, so the cake can be baked, cooled and iced for dessert tonight.  Looks like my son Zach is the baker by default, as everyone else is at work.  I am hoping he will help make dinner too:  Eggplant Bhartha, Curried Venison, Rice and some kind of pepper dish as our fridge is full of peppers from the Farmer's Market.  Yum!  I am looking forward to a slow, easy, social dinner this evening!

Which cake would you choose?  I will let you know which I decided on tomorrow...