Silver Hills Gluten-free Bread Now At Costco!

Silver Hills Gluten Free Omega Flax Bread, Nourish With Karen 

Anyone who eats gluten-free knows that these specialty items are more expensive than those made with wheat flour.  Often, what they don't know is that just because it is gluten-free doesn't automatically mean it is good for you.  There are many gluten-free items out there made with starches (potato starch or tapioca), white flours (rice) and binders (xanthan gum or guar gum).  These items are what I call "white fluff".  They do not provide much taste and as a result have more sugar, salt and flavour added to make them more palatable.  They are not very nutritious and seriously lack in fibre.

In the gluten-free world it can be difficult to find baked goods that are nutritious and delicious, but I have found a bread that delivers both:  Silver Hills Gluten Free Omega Flax Bread.  It is my family's go-to GF bread!  It's ingredients as listed on their website are as follows:

Our non-GMO vegan ingredients:

Water, organic whole sorghum*, organic whole ground chia seeds*, organic cane sugar*, organic brown flax seeds*, organic whole psyllium husks*, yeast, organic rice flour*, organic vinegar*, sea salt.

*Certified Organic. Potential allergens on premises are sesame seeds.

This bread is dense, with 5 g of fibre/slice it has to be.  It is nice to dunk in sauces, stews and soups and is terrific as toast.

And the best news....  it is now offered at our local Costco store, meaning it is less expensive to purchase.  It is found in their bread aisle, not the freezer section like most GF baked goods.  Costco offers a number of Silver Hill bread products (not gluten-free) as well, all of which are made with high quality ingredients. 

I am not receiving any endorsement from Silver Hill, I just love their products!