Barbecued Burgers Without the Bun

Hamburgers conjure up summer for most of us, but when you are on a special diet, the feeling can be a bit of a let down.  No buns for those of you who follow the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or Paleo diet and styrofoamish gluten free buns for those who eat gluten free.  Let's face it, the bun is just a way to get that patty to your mouth without dirtying your hands anyways.

Gluten free, Paleo, SCD Bunless Burger

I wanted to share our favourite way of eating hamburgers.  Bunless!  We put that lean, hormone free, antibiotic free, 100% beef patty between two pieces of lettuce, dress it with whichever toppings we enjoy and then eat it up!  Delicious!  No bloating when finished, no unnecessary white carbs and room to spare for sweet potato fries. 


Calgary now has a number of burger joints serving up gluten-free buns, with or without the bun.  Our family has visited a few of these and hasn't been disappointed. 

Clive Burger on 17th Avenue makes an awesome burger, boasting beef which is hormone and antibiotic free and compostable packaging.  Clive has a hoppin atmosphere and is always busy.  If eating gluten-free beware of their Clive sauce it contains malt vinegar.

Silver Sage Beef found at Calgary Farmers' Market has awesome burgers too.  Their beef is hormone and antibiotic free and served up in lettuce the way we do it at home!  Delicious!

South St. Burger Co. is another burger place that serves gluten free.  They boast no additives, preservatives, filler, or spice pack added to their beef, as well as being antbiotic and hormone free.  The location we visited was at the Cross Iron Mills Mall near Balzac.

It is nice to know that healthier choices are becoming available!  Have you found a healthier, fast food that you want to tell us about?

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