Never take Bananas on a Boat!

It is no secret, our family loves travelling and spending time in the outdoors.  We usually pack a cooler when we head out but finding things to put into that cooler can be a challenge at times, especially when the trip is spur of the moment like many of ours are.  

Fishing Summit Lake

There are a variety of "usual" items we keep on hand that find their way into the cooler:  Lara Bars, apples, oranges, cut veggies, hummus, cheese, Mary's Gone Crackers, homemade pepperoni, mixed raw nuts, boiled eggs and of course, our reusable bottles filled with water.  It's also great to throw a couple of extra frozen water bottles in to act as ice, and have cold later in the day!

If we have prepared the day before the cooler may include a bean salad, a quinoa salad or potato salad, baked chicken, sausages or leftovers of some variety!  A couple of weekends ago it was cold burger patties, lettuce for wrapping them in and the fixings.  Yum!  Last weekend I threw a bunch of bananas in the cooler for our fishing adventure.  These were promptly removed as I had forgotten that bananas in the boat are bad luck and jinx fishermen!  Oops!  The boys still caught and released a bunch of bass and a trout.

What do you put into your cooler for a road trip or hike?